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Who We Are

Who We Are

Brenda and Tony have years of experience in the Financial Industry. Read our biographies below to find out a little more about us.

Our Company

Brenda Jo Bagonis-Cooke

Financial Advisor

(267) 576-7133

Brenda Bagonis-Cooke is an Investment Advisor Representative and independent financial planner. Since 1990 Brenda has been working with clients to plan for the future from simple budget planning through complete financial advisory plans. Brenda has worked for both large and small firms including Merrill Lynch, Sovereign Bank, and Smith Barney, as well as Independent investment firms. In 2005, Brenda founded Asset Financial Services as an independent financial advisory firm, dedicated to personal regard for all clients despite the size of their portfolio - because everyone matters, and everyone deserves to have a solid plan for getting to...and through, retirement.

Brenda's approach to her business plan would allow her to focus on each client as an individual, and prioritize the varying unique needs and desires of each client. With a personal touch, Brenda believes that a financial advisor should not only earn your trust, but show through action that Asset Financial Services' employees truly care about those who put their faith in us.



Tony Bagonis

Registered Representative

(843) 534-8541

Tony is a Registered Representative with Asset Financial Services who brings many years of experience in Finance including experience with The Vanguard Group, PNC Bank, and PNC Investments, and more. Tony is very research oriented, and makes it his priority to make sure Asset Financial Services is always "in the know" on changes in the economy, world economics, the markets, public policy, and all those aspects that affect everyday investing. Tony believes that each portfolio is unique to each individual, but also extremely important is knowing which investments are to the standard of quality that our clients deserve. Tony researches fund families, managers, fees, and all those other small traits of investments that can make a significant difference.

Each of our clients deserves the best, and Tony is dedicated to providing that.