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Tax Preps*

Tax Preps for the Year Begin Now

As you get organized and gather your year-end data, statements, and look over your checklist, don' forget to use this time for task as a future planning way to increase the size of net worth and save money on taxes for next year. We are sure that you would rather pay yourself and family first over Uncle Sam. Plan, Prepare and Process !!

Areas to organize and concentrate on to make better records will save you so much more on your taxes every year and time doing it.

If you go through your expenses, remember to look at these areas and ways you can honestly save:

Housing/Real Estate deductions

Cost for monthly payments or working from home

Health items

HSAs are tax free Medical costs can be deducted


Care, College and Commission can help your family

Saving/Investing itemsInterest could be tax free and losses are a write off
Retirement PlansDefer more 
Charitable donations pay Uncle Sam

The more you give, the better a person and the less you pay Uncle Sam


Review and Shop these every few years


Start a Business or find new strategies to increase bottom line of your company

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*Signator Investors, Inc. and its representatives do not provide tax and legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for such guidance.