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Financial Planning

Individual and Joint Consultation-Full service financial planning begins with a game-plan or financial roadmap.

Protection: of earning power otherwise known as risk management is the first level of any plan and is the 1st step in risk management. This can come in the form of insurance plan or appropriate strategies. Because there are so many RISK factors in our industry, it is important for us to unveil the specific type risks and help provide protection using  products and strategies available.

Accumulation Programs: Life stage events such as purchase of real estate (principal, business, and vacation), providing for college education and children’s savings plans, creating an emergency fund, and initiating retirement planning concepts. Introducing estate accumulation plans using squeeze generation programs require careful planning and reviewing with clients. Through an individual and joint profiling consultation qualification will help in the design and implementation of planning processes and product selection for each client.

Emergency Plan: Preservation of capital and life style income interruptions or emergencies occur which usually requires three to six months of income. We will help you develop a budget for non and discretionary income concentrating on tax, debt, and and income and process efficiencies for you.

Insurance Plans:   Planning using Life, Health and Disability insurance plans. Complete initial analysis of income and estate planning needs. After determining needs with the client, perform thorough search of product act in the role of a broker and present recommendations to client. Life Insurance helps protect families and businesses in the event of premature death wherein the individual’ income or monetary value can be replaced. Buy/sell Agreements are also a form of replacement to business owners to help protect valuable employees.  Long Term Care Health  is very important for families and a fast growing area in financial planning.

Savings Plans: The stage of planning involves thorough investigation consumer buying habits home, cars, larger purchases through cash managed accounts, we offer a wide array of investment and savings choices to fit the need. Less risk mandates these types of accounts versus retirement (long range accounts for savings and the vehicles chosen the accumulation of wealth, and tax effective solutions to the distribution or transfer of wealth-succession planning). This uniqueness requires vested attention to client’s accounts from the accumulation stage to the distribution transfer stage. We will monitor, review, and make adjustments on a quarterly basis and meet with clients annually.

                                                         DEVELOPING STRATEGIES 

Dollar Cost Averaging

Investment Tax Reduction Plans


Correlation Analysis

Peer to Peer Analysis

Asset Allocation
Systematic distributions and Contributions

Gain / Loss and Harvesting

Fixed Income &Tax Free laddered allocations

Portfolio Optimization

Risk Scatterplot Analysis

RMDs required minimum distributions

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the essential lifeblood of financial planning. The accumulation of capital for retirement on a tax preferential basis is essential in proper planning. . These services include IRA’s, both conventional & Roth, qualified plans, SEP’s, SIMPLES, 401(k), 403(b), Deferred Compensation Plans (457), profit sharing, money purchase, and ESOP’s,

Pension planning services at AFS are customized to the plan document. The tax efficient distribution of assets from these plans is of the utmost importance. Distribution rollovers, systematic withdrawals plans to supplement pensions and social security, estate planning trust and gift implementation, MRD minimum required distributions services are an integral part of the financial planning services offered.

Distribution Planning Services require special attention. Most often times this critical juncture in financial planning finds the life transition into retirement an ambiguous area. We thoroughly define the needs and objectives before proceeding forward by completing a new analysis using the above mentioned financial needs and objectives for our client. We redefine these to the new life stage and implement these plans and processes accordingly.

In this area of planning, we will recommend from hundreds of investment products. Asset Allocation programs and modern portfolio theory will monitor risk reward o each individuals personal needs and objectives. Lump Sum and Dollar Cost Averaging strategies of investing systematically will be reviewed. We offer modeling services from 70 private money managers with asset class, style and discipline of managers analyzed and reviewed for each portfolio in a managed account.

Estate Planning Strategies*

This area of planning is critical to our clients. Setup and review of intervivos and testamentary trusts, gifting and understanding the tax and inheritance implications, requires careful scrutiny and understanding. AFS consults with attorney firms regularly and coordinates investment policy to the execution of designed trust in order to fulfill the true objectives of the donor, or owner of the trust. CRT’s, CRUTS, GRAT’s, GRUTS’s, generation squeeze orientation is given and reviewed.

Royal Alliance/ Advisor Group Inc. and its representatives do not provide tax and legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for such guidance.