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401k Plans

Retirement Planning

Complimentary 401(k) Analysis Survey

Not all 401(k) plans are equal. You may take our survey to find out if we can make your small business more efficient with lower cost platforms, and higher quality service.

Retirement Plans Services of AFS

We have experience to help in the design and development of a customized Plan with documents and assessments to assure DOL and ERISA compliance integrity. Each year a full internal plan and investment audit will be conducted to assure the plan sponsor and management that the participants are well served in every area of 401k and pension plan management. From Design to Due Diligence maintenance, our knowledge, processes,ongoing communication and ultimate achievement of a smooth, compliant, highly productive retirement plan for your participants are paramount to us.  Asset Financial Services knows the fiduciary importance that comes with your plan and we add our name and attention, to help you with your program.

Investments Planning and Selections

We will recommend investment models and products from over thousands of mutual funds, ETF', and other instruments, after thorough research is completed by our specialists. Asset Allocation programs and the modern portfolio theory will monitor risk/ reward for each Model to assure prudent choices for personal needs and objectives.  Lump Sum and Dollar Cost Averaging strategies of investing systematically will be reviewed and monitored on a quarterly basis for you. 

UNIQUENESSKnowing how and when to keep employees motivated without adding cost is important. We provide comprehensive coverage to your plan responsibilities and current and ongoing information  to your employees  communicating   investment, economic and financial news to them.

Please visit the links to websites that are most well known for their Professional Administrative and recordkeeping Services.


                                     From Design to Detail

Plan Design:  Standard or Non-standardized prototype, non-prototype, multiple employer plans

Investment Policy Statement:  investing consulting services bundled, semi bundled, customization

Conversion Specialties:  AFS will work with your payroll and administrative staff and walk them through the process in order to redefine and expedite processes to result in a smooth transition. Mapping services available. ( TRIAL broker change program)

Administrative Services: AFS offers proactive scheduling to client in-house administrators on various administrative responsibilities, such as filing for determination, 415 testing, family aggregation, compliance filings for 5500’s, non-discrimination ADP/ACP assistance during conversion and liaison servicing to personnel dept.

Comparative Cost Breakdown and Analysis:  share and classification pricing, plan design-investment policy, consulting services; commission or fee-based breakdown, administrative record keeping services to include test, determination, audit package.

Products/Performance:  bundled (turnkey) 40 fund companies. Semi Bundled: multi fund / allocation packages. Customized: Private Managed Accounts style and sector selection of 70 managers. Private Asset Allocation via No Load managed accounts (comparative money manager analysis by asset class or sector).

Distribution Services:  tax efficient distribution of assets from these plans is a specialized area that AFS assists participants and employers through Rollovers, QDRO’S, and Transfers.

Transition and Philanthropic Services- Gifting, Granting, and Giving. Outsourcing to specialists for assistance.

Communications:Consistently and Continually with management and or participants

Knowledge of Compliance:proactive compliance and IRS- ERISA changes that could affect your plan legally is of the utmost importance ongoing service that we can provide to you.


                                             401k Plan


  • Review a Investment Policy and Plan Statement.
  • Provide review and upgrade report cards intermittently to the plan trustees with regards to portfolio mix selections.
  • Review investment selection on a quarterly basis and provide plan trustees with report of findings and potential changes to individual investment selections.
  • When changes are made, provide appropriate communication materials to the plan participants.
  • Monthly status call to Plan Representative (HR, Owner, etc.) to assure overall satisfaction and ensure all proactive steps taken as needed.
  • 90 Day Fiduciary Check up and clean up to include reminders on necessary testing, forms, and documents throughout the year.
    • Complete analysis of plan investments by evaluating quantitative and qualitative aspects of fund lineup.
    • Review investment allocation of plan assets to determine employee investment decisions and mapping of funds.
    • Implement customized education plan targeting employee needs to include average participation, deferral percentages, and asset allocation.
      • Support HR department with the ongoing participant education responsibilities of all eligible employees.
        • Meet with HR and/or Trustees to determine mutually agreeable goals for the education efforts.
        • Implement these goals by meeting with employees as a group or individually to provide direction with regards to: 1) decision as to how much an employee must contribute in order to meet time horizon goals and 2) decision as to how to properly allocate assets based on risk based investment selection.
          • Follow up to initial education with availability from employees anytime.
            • Provide individual consultations to employees to review deferral percentages, investment allocations, and accessing account.
            • Assist employees with evaluating how retirement assets integrate with other personal assets and financial goals.
              • Prepare and present detailed formal Annual Fiduciary Review.
                • This evaluation will be used in conjunction to create strategies and compare benchmarks in order to improve upon the performance of the overall plan.